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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok maybe I over-react sometimes. But I think some ppl really are asking for it. This has never happened to me before and perhaps that is why it has made me so angry! It is preposterous!

I woke up on Sunday, happy and relaxed (and lazy).. sat up in my bed and started FB-ing on my mobile phone. Once I logged in, I saw that I had a new message, so I clicked onto it and saw that it was a poly mate who left me a message. It's queer cuz I have never known this person back when I was in school. He was someone I saw along the corridor and knew that he was from the same school as me. But this wasn't the 1st time he sent me a message, so I wasn't that surprised to hear from him. The 1st time he messaged me, he commented that I photograph nicely and would like me to model for his portfolio for FREE. I was chuckling when I read that cuz he must think I am some amateur at such propositions. Ok I am no professional also, but I have had some experience and I know how these things work. If he were a friend, I would consider doing him a favour but he wasn't and the fact that he was being so assuming and all about himself and his "photographer" status in his message, I declined point blank, saying I do not do such things for free and that I do not have time to spare anyway. He replied saying ok and that he hopes to get a chance to work with me in future.

So when I clicked into his message that morning, I was just groggy and nonchalant about it.. until I read his message:

"Congratulation to your wedding!

Don't mind my comments from Photographer point of view, not sure the style of photographer, is he new? Many picts are out of white balance (eg: many picts are yellowish), distracting angle and etc.

Suggest to do some picts post processing to enhance the picts.


Just to be clear, I copied his message word for word, so don't fault me for the glaring bad grammar and lack of vocab. Those were purely in his own words.

After I read the message, I FUMED! I mean, it is not that I cannot take criticism.. but this is uncalled for! I did not ask him for his comments and what made him think it was ok to just give them?? In the 1st place, WE ARE NOT EVEN FRIENDS!! I have never spoken to him before in my life and we have never ever been properly introduced, I don't even know if we have common friends at all other than the fact that we were both from the same poly. THE NERVE!!!! And he hid his message under the pretense of congratulating me on my wedding, it is such disgusting behaviour!! And he has to stress that he is a photographer to me, otherwise why the CAPS in P in "Photographer"????

The fact that he has no knowledge of me or my photographer, and yet he dares to judge us! There are many factors involved, of course! He didn't even consider that perhaps we are on a tight-budget and all we could afford was a mid-range photographer that shoots pictures "out of white balance"? Or maybe the photographer is a relative, and we got no choice have to let him shoot?? Or that the pictures that I uploaded were the raw photos from the CD-ROM photographer gave me? Meaning unedited and not photoshopped. Or worse, maybe my package comes w/o editing and I edited those photos myself?

See what I mean, he is so assuming!!!!

Truth is, I have no complains about how the photos turned out, in fact, my hubby and I are very happy with them!

It goes to show how low his EQ is, if he has any, that is. And also, what an MALE CHAUVINISTIC PIG he is!

This was my reply to him:

"3 things: 1st of all, I am not a photographer so I know zilch about any of the things you mentioned above. 2nd of all, I am very pleased with how the photos turned out as they are taken for memories' sake and not intended to be submitted for a photography competition. My photographer has effectively captured all the vital and candid shots which I had hoped he would so he definitely did not disappoint me. 3rdly, I don't know what made you think your comments would be welcomed but they are not! In fact, I think you need to be told that your comments will not be welcomed on any of my photos from this point on, professional or not. This has been extremely rude of you and I hope you don't do this to anyone else in future unless the person specifically asks for your input.


With that, I deleted him off my list of friends. HMMMPH! I felt darn good after I sent out that message and deleted him off the face of FB. It might appear to some as over-reacting or extreme.. but I just felt very invaded of my personal views and I had to do something about it.

My friends would know I am not one to be bullied, and this guy had some nerve!!!!

I am curious tho, what would you have done if it happened to you??


Justina said...

i would have told to F OFF! first of all i wouldn't even have added him to my friends' list. good on you for telling him off. these people need to be put in their place. hooray for kelly!!!

kellykylie said...

aiya i also dunno got this kind of ppl exist lo. i thot schoolmates ma.. so jus add. but anywae, i felt super good after telling him off, hahaha.. so i guess that shud do. :)

and see u this saturday, dear!!!

one little journey said...

he's damn rude and irritating. tik i might cap the P in all Photographer/Photography if i were to reply. hehe!

kellykylie said...

ok now I know I haven't been that mean to reply him that way, I don't feel so bad. HAHA.

one little journey - if u do that caps "P" thing, I will not friend you!!! :p

.J said...

I was so excited to congratulate u til i read further. i hope u are doing fine. Nothing beats a good health.

kellykylie said...

i'm fine now, thanks, .j! u've disappeared for so long! how's everything??? all good?

.j said...

u wldnt believe it. But i really disappeared .
Met an accident in aug and was in coma for 3mths.

Meowmee said...

if i were that free i would actually comment on every single photo of his, by saying its "off white balance" or very yellow with algae. (i know i'm being very bitchy here but i dun care if it comes to me or my friends. i hope i do not know him at all too!)

since i'm not that free, I would have done the same as what you did. He sounded so pathetic.

.j - I'm sorry to hear that. Please be well! :)

kellykylie said...

mel - very yellow with algae. I like that!!!! i dunno if u know him. his name is chea onn long on FB. dunno from what course, but def Biz Mgmt, same as us.

.J - I AM SO VERY SORRY to hear that! what happened??? I dun mean to intrude if u dun wish to talk abt it it's ok. but you can always load it off me via email if u want. Pls take good care and I really hope you are well.

Melissa said...

thank goodness, i dunno that name.

.J said...

chea onn long is someone i heard from my fren abt. she has the same comments as u. loves to boast about his pics but they are nothing fantastic. he is from svcs mgmt.

ppp, in short met an accident on the road. my vision turned blur and i kinda blank out while driving. so u cld expect what hppn nxt. thx so much for your concern. still in the 'trying-to-recover' stage. kinda miss the email-ing days.

meowmee, thanks. that was heart-warming. ;)

kellykylie said...

r u back in SG then? or r u in HKG still?

.J said...

i m in singapore now. i had to leave my previous job. i'm currently still on medication and going for therapies.