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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Day In The Life Of A SAHM.

Thank you for still allowing me to sign in to write something on my very neglected blog. I am guilty as charged. It is not that I don't want to write but I truly have no time at all.. Even if I do, I choose to catch up on my sleep... It is very very sought after especially after 1 year of interrupted sleep. And I do mean every, single, night. No joke!!!

So maybe in the effort of trying to redeem myself, I should and am obligated to tell you about how I spend a typical day. Ah.... A day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM).....

6 - 8am
Issey normally wakes up at 8am everyday. I don't know how their little bodies work but he does always wake up around the same time everyday. On those days whereby he probably slept better than usual, he will wake up earlier, sometimes as early as 6am. But that happens like once in every 2 weeks. I consider myself lucky!

8 - 9.30am
So when he wakes up, I will normally spend some time with him, playing, cuz he is always bright and cheery when he wakes up. If papa is up for it, he will also get up early to play with him. We can be just rolling in bed or just playing peek-a-boo or simply ruffling through his hair. Just whatever, spending quality time, you know. Then about half an hour later, I will bathe him and give him his morning milk feed.

9.30 - 10.30am
I will bring Issey either in his stroller or his little tricycle to the nearby wet market where I have my breakfast everyday. He sits next to me in his stroller/tricycle.. Sometimes quietly watching the world go by.. Sometimes demanding for some food. Or both. Whichever it is, he normally isn't much of a nuisance to me. I get to finish my food and get my marketing done and then we head home.

10.30 - 11.30am
We come home and I give him some bread and fruits while I prepare his lunch/dinner. Most of the time I cook porridge, other days I will boil some soup and cook him some soft rice with steam fish.

11.30 - 12pm
Issey goes down for his 1st nap of the day.

12 - 2pm
Wile Issey naps, I finish up the rest of my cooking, which may or may not include my own lunch. Some days I just tapao my lunch from the market in the morning. In between the cooking, I also pack the room which is littered with his toys all over, do the laundry, do the dishes, clear up his morning mess which ranges from food crumbs in the floor to taking out his dirty diapers. If I have any time left before he wakes up, I catch some brainless tv on E! simply cuz I don't have the time to watch a movie on HBO or a drama serial on VV drama like I used to. In any case, Issey is normally up before I can touch the tv control.

2pm - 4.30pm
Issey has his lunch and we play with some flash cards. After that, we spend some floor time together, either reading books, playing with his toys or just cuddling him. Sometimes I leave him on his own to explore while I sit on my bed reading/surfing the net. If I have work that needs to be done, I also do them during this time. Sometimes with him on my lap.

4.30 - 5pm
Issey goes down for his 2nd nap of the day.

5 - 5.30pm
It's is a short nap since he already took a long nap earlier. I use this time to either also nap for a bit or to finish up whatever work/chores I have got left.

5.30 - 7pm
When Issey awakes, I start preparing for his dinner feed at 6pm. He normally sits on his high chair and watch me buzzing around in the kitchen. When I am done, I feed him and then clean up the kitchen, with him still in his high chair.

7 - 8.30
I give Issey a dry bath with a damp cloth and change him into his pjs. By 7.30pm he is all fresh and clean and ready for bed. I read bedtime stories to him and spend some time cuddling him. Making sure he goes to bed happy and loved.

8.30pm - 12am
After Issey falls asleep, I grab a quick dinner which I either tapao or cook for myself. After that, I tend to the rest of the chores that I didn't get to in the day. It is different everyday. Sometimes it's laundry (there's plenty of laundry to do in this household cuz there are 5 adults and 1 baby and the baby's laundry has to be done separately from ours), sometimes it's ironing, sometimes it's changing the sheets, sometimes it's packing the grocery. I mean, really, the list never ends. When I finally finish my chores for the day, which is usually about 11pm, I finally sit down to unwind. By this time everyday I am normally too tired to watch TV or do anything at all. I normally just lie in bed, play some brainless games until my eyelids can hold up no more, then I hit the sack. If hubby is home I will stay up a bit longer, chat with him or just sit by him and watch tv together. By 12am we are normally in bed.

12 - 6am
I wake up at least twice in between this time to put Issey back to sleep.. He sometimes wakes up looking for me, or simply wakes up on his own not being able to put himself back to sleep, which is the case most of the time.

And then my day repeats!

So there. A very boring but absolutely busy typical day for me. But nonetheless I would to trade it for anything as it is probably the most fulfilling job in the world to have! The returns are non-tangible, u get paid in special little moments from time to time and the feeling is spectacular. After I get kicked in the face by his little feet, I laugh and praise him for having such strong feet. No other job will have you reacting this way if u ever get kicked in the face. Haha.

Ps. This post was written a few months ago, in one of my many attempts to pick up blogging again. I do not know why I have lost the courage to share my life with my friends.. It's like I on't know how to anymore. But reading this post now, I realized how much has changed just over a few months... And I hope it is not too late to start sharing my life with you again. I will explain myself when I get the chance. For now, thanks to all my awesome friends who are still sticking around here. xxxxxxxxxxx


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