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Sunday, March 14, 2010

She is being manipulated.

If there's anything I hate, it is ASSUMPTIONS. I know I know, I make them all the time. But at least I don't say them to a room of 20 ppl and make it sound like I know it for a fact, when it is truly an ASSUMPTION!

I refer to the hot topic in the press, Irene Kng, Wendy Chong, Foyce Le etc. I refuse to name the main person who caused this scandal cuz it will dirty my blog. (and maybe generate unwanted traffic. haha!)

I have to say that the way Mdm Kng has handled this whole affair, calls for a lot of my respect. I am seeing extra-marital affairs from a different POV because of her. I do not know for what reason she chose to do what she did, but it was very brave and to a certain extent, her acts are of and for love. Like she says, love for her family, love for her marriage and love for her kids. (Love for her husband, I dunno abt that.)

When a parent strays, it is not only abt the parents, there are many other factors to consider when it comes to thinking of a solution. And to me, a break-up should never be considered as one of the options of a solution. Even in the case of an adultery. Unless, of course, if it involves multiple cheating cases and a repent-less husband, then it is a different story. But if the parent who cheated is remorseful and willing to change, I don't see why it doesn't deserve a second chance. After all, human beings err. Must one person be judged so harshly based on just one mistake that he/she makes? What more the person we are talking about is the person closest to you. Is it so easy to just break-up?

All those years that you have toiled together, all those memories that you share with each other, all the things that you have both built together in your marriage and your family and your home. It will all account to nothing if we just throw them all away, just because of a moment's folly/anger.

Most imptly, all the love that you have for each other, can it really disappear overnight, just like that?

Sometimes forgiving and staying together is the better option. Though it does not seem that way in a short-term POV. And in Mdm Kng's case, she has gone above and beyond in trying to salvage her marriage and her family's happiness. She holds the key to her family's happiness and the decision she makes will change all of their lives forever. And I believe she knows that.

I believe that LOVE can conquer all, and that as long as you love each other, you can overcome anything. Why destroy it when you are given a chance to make it stronger?

So what is so wrong about her forgiving her husband? I don't understand the furore that has resulted from this whole saga abt Mdm Kng forgiving her husband. Honestly, the family belongs to her, the husband belongs to her, HER LIFE BELONGS TO HER. Who are we to tell her what she should have done or should not?? (The 1st page of yesterday's "Life" section on the Straits Times really got to me with its headline: "Why do women forgive?" And to that, a 2nd person announced to the room of 20 people: "Because we are stupid!" Excuse me, how about, "Because we are looking at the farsight" or "Because we care about our children" or simply cause, "Because I love my husband"?)

And those ppl who make assumptions that "she is being manipulated". Do these people have no love in their lives to understand such a simple logic?

*Most of us will never truly know what goes on in their household but I chose to believe this kinder version of events that I have conjured in my head. Yes, I am also making an assumption but at least I am not shouting in a room for everyone in it to agree with me.


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